Eight Great Uses for Wine Jelly

Eight Great Uses for Wine Jelly

Rachel Mack

Laurel Hill Jams and Jellies is a New Hampshire company through and through. Every summer we work hard to gather as much New Hampshire produce as possible to use in our jams and jellies throughout the year. This dedication to local produce and desire to support other New Hampshire businesses has always been the bedrock of our business. Of course there are some products that we sell that we will never be able to source from New Hampshire, such as pomegranates for our pomegranate jelly or the pineapple juice for our Pina Colada jelly. 

We have worked with New Hampshire wineries in the past to source fruit wines, but when looking for more traditional wine varietals we have had to use wine from California or around the world. That was until we learned about Summit Wineries in Westmoreland New Hampshire. We first ran into Summit’s winemaker Darren Horn when we were both making deliveries to Temple Food Mart in Manchester New Hampshire. That was when we first learned that Summit imports grapes that grow around the world to make wine right here in New Hampshire. We then ran into them again at the Made in New Hampshire Expo in April where we were able to try some of their wines and we knew immediately that they would make perfect wine jellies. After a number of trips out to Summit’s tasting room in Westmoreland (A tough day in the office for both Sara and I), we narrowed it down to a line of 8 delicious wine jellies! 

Since launching, we have had a lot of people try the wine jellies and everyone agrees that the taste is amazing, but the number one question we get is “What do you do with wine jelly?” To answer your question I have made a list of 8 things to do with our new line of 8 Summit Wine Jellies!

  1. Cheesecake with Marquette Wine Jelly: Marquette is a sweeter red wine jelly and is one of the few grapes that does grow well in the harsh New Hampshire weather. The sweet wine pairs well with the sweetness of the jelly without being overpowering. Like any of our red wine jellies, it pairs well with a variety of desserts. I recently bought a basic cheesecake from the grocery store. I heated up a bit of Marquette Wine Jelly to drizzle over top. The result was a delicious and gourmet dessert topped with the taste of New Hampshire
  2. Peanut Butter and Jelly with Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Jelly: Don’t overthink it! What goes better with jelly than peanut butter? The bold notes of the cabernet sauvignon and the sweetness of the jelly are just waiting to be paired with your favorite peanut butter. When I make a PB and (CSW)J I prefer an all natural creamy peanut butter, but for my crunch girls and boys out there, go nuts! You won’t be disappointed. Your an adult, you deserve some wine jelly on your PB and J!
  3. Stuffed French Toast with Pinotage Wine Jelly: Don’t assume that Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s are the only way to elevate your brunch game. Try some stuffed French toast with our Pinotage Wine Jelly. You’ll feel like a 5 star chef with minimal effort. Just spread some Pinotage Wine Jelly between two slices of toast, then dredge your jelly sandwich in an egg mixture. Then pan fry, just as you would traditional French toast. The result is a sweet new twist on a traditional favorite. If you want to cut the sweetness just a little, try mixing the jelly with some cream cheese first. The result will make you want to extend your Sunday brunch to every day of the week.
  4. Merlot Braised Roast with Merlot Wine Jelly: Looking for an exciting weekday dinner with minimal effort, spread some of our Merlot Wine Jelly on any beef or port dishes to give a hint of sweetness and bold wine flavor without having to whip up a complicated sauce or opening up a bottle of wine that you will only just a few ounces of. 
  5. Rosé Vinaigrette with Rosé Wine Jelly: I like eating salads, I really do, but there is something about them that makes me feel … bored. I don’t exactly get full when I eat a salad, I just get bored of eating and stop. That was until I started making a Rosé Vinaigrette as my dressing. Just mix a spoonful of our Rosé Wine Jelly with oil and vinegar and herbs to taste. Now I finally get to see the bottom of my salad bowl.
  6. Chicken Sandwich with Summit White Blend Jelly: Trust me, your turkey sandwich is missing a little sweetness in it’s life. It is always a good day when there is some fresh bread in the house. But what kind of sandwich should you build with that perfect crusty bread? Why not try adding some Summit White Blend Wine Jelly to your sandwich of Chicken and Muenster cheese. It works with either deli slices or your leftover roast chicken from last nights dinner. Sure to bring a smile to your face!
  7. Charcuterie Board with Chardonnay Wine Jelly: Okay, this one will work with any of our wine jellies. But when building your perfect Charcuterie board, add some wine jelly. The Chardonnay Wine Jelly pairs well with goat cheese or brie but the fun is in the experimentation! Mix and match flavors to find your new favorite pairing.
  8. Toast with Moscato Wine Jelly: I saved the best for last! I always say that the best use for any jelly is on toast! Our Moscato Wine Jelly has been our number one selling wine jelly for years, even prior to working with Summit Wine. And with our new partnership, the taste of this jelly is truly out of this world. You don’t need to mess around with perfection. Just enjoy this jelly on toast or a scone, or just about anywhere you normally enjoy jelly.

These are just a few options for using your wine jellies, but obviously there are many more. The only limiting factor is your imagination!

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