"This is a real jelly with a real jar. This classic jelly has large chunks of strawberry, a reusable canning jar and a sweet, fresh taste." - NH Magazine


Award-Winning Jams & Jellies Since 1960

Creating jams & jellies of exceptional quality requires patience, attention to detail, the necessary utensils, and use of only the best ingredients available. Laurel Hill gourmet jams and jellies contain no hidden extras, such as artificial colors or flavorings. The outstanding flavors come directly from using the best fruits and wines.

The fruit jams & jellies and wine jellies are quintessentially New England, and are naturally gluten-free. Many of the ingredients used come directly from local Farmers’ markets, which are a great source for excellent quality local produce grown without the use of pesticides. 

New Hampshire Magazine chose Laurel Hill’s Strawberry Jam as the Top Pick of the five jams tasted. All jams and jellies make excellent corporate gifts and wedding /bridal shower favors and can be easily personalized with special labels. 

Meet the Jam Makers

Since 2023, Laurel Hill Jams and Jellies has become the passion project of two sisters, Rachel Mack and Sara Steffensmeier. Rachel and Sara live next door to one another in Bedford, New Hampshire and have turned both of their kitchens into the "jampire" that is Laurel Hill. They both have been canning and making jam for years, so when the founder, Sue Stretch, retired the sister's jumped at the chance to continue the business and to keep it in Bedford New Hampshire. They are both looking forward to the many farmers markets and craft fairs throughout New Hampshire where they can sell their delicious jams and jellies.  When not making jam, Sara teaches art and Rachel makes pottery, both in Southern New Hampshire. 







About the Founder

Sue Stretch, Founder of Laurel Hill Jams and JelliesSue perfected her preserving techniques in the 50’s when she helped her mother make jellies and preserves. After a brief hiatus, she began making jelly and jam again in the 80's and eventually created her business which became Laurel Hill Jams and Jellies. Sue began selling her jams and jellies at the area farmers markets and craft fairs and created a loyal following of customers who fell in love with her delicious jams and jellies. At these farmers markets, Sue also began a relationship with farmers who provided her with fresh and local produce which became the cornerstone of her superb recipes and continues today. 





What's in a Name


laurel hill flowerThe name “Laurel Hill” originates from the Mountain Laurel which grows abundantly throughout Bedford, New Hampshire where Laurel Hill Jams and Jellies is located. The magnificent evergreen flowering shrub with its light/pink to white flowers blossoms around the week in the middle of June when both Sara and Rachel have their birthdays. The beautiful plant lines the paths that connect Sara and Rachel's homes and kitchens.