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"Zetz" Red Pepper Jam - #1 Seller

$ 6.95

"Zetz" Red Pepper Jam is our top selling product overall! Zetz is a Yiddish word meaning "a strong blow or punch" (as in boxing). A rainbow of colors makes this lively jam as attractive as it is tasty. The traditional use for Red Pepper Jam is over cream cheese but it also goes well with a mild cheese like capricho (goat cheese)...try it on crackers or a baguette. In addition, this is an excellent choice to add to hot dogs, burgers, meatloaf, pork chops, scrambled eggs and omelets. Let your imagination take over!

Please note that the level of spiciness in our Zetz does vary from one batch to another because we typically buy hot peppers from local farmers' markets and the longer the peppers are on the vine, the hotter they are.

Ingredients: Sugar, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Jalapeño Peppers, Cider Vinegar, Pectin.

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