10 Of The Best Mother's Day Brunch Ideas for Her Special Day 

10 Of The Best Mother's Day Brunch Ideas for Her Special Day 

Rachel Mack

Mother's Day is a special occasion to show your appreciation and love for your mom. And what better way to do that than by treating her to a delicious brunch? Here are 10 Mother's Day brunch ideas that are sure to make her feel special, along with the perfect addition of gourmet fruit jams and wine jellies from Laurel Hill Jams & Jellies.

  1. French Toast with Mulitberry Jam - Make a decadent French toast with brioche bread, eggs, milk, and cinnamon. Top with multiberry jam for a burst of sweet and tangy flavor.
  2. Croissants with Apple Cider Jelly - Flaky and buttery croissants pair perfectly with apple cider jelly.
  3. Bagels and Cream Cheese with Zetz’s Red Pepper Jam - Toasted bagels with cream cheese and red pepper jam make for a delicious and sophisticated brunch.
  4. Frittata with Peach Jam - A frittata filled with cheese, spinach, and mushrooms is elevated with a dollop of peach jelly on top.
  5. Pancakes with Blueberry Jam - Pancakes with blueberry jam and whipped cream are a classic brunch dish that never fails to impress.
  6. Yogurt Parfaits with Strawberry Jam - Greek yogurt layered with fresh fruit, granola, and a dollop of strawberry jam makes for a healthy and flavorful brunch.
  7. Avocado Toast with Tomato Basil Jelly - Top your favorite bread with mashed avocado and a drizzle of tomato basil jelly for a delicious and savory brunch.
  8. Cheese Board with Fig Jam - Create a cheese board with a variety of cheeses, crackers, and fig jelly for a sophisticated and delicious brunch spread.
  9. Frittata - A baked egg dish that's perfect for brunch. Add your favorite vegetables and cheese for a flavorful and healthy option.
  10. Belgian Waffles - Sweet and fluffy, Belgian waffles are a brunch favorite. Top with fresh fruit and whipped cream for an extra special touch.

No matter which recipe you choose, Laurel Hill’s fruit jams are the perfect addition to elevate your Mother's Day brunch. Made with the best fruits and ingredients, these jellies will add a burst of flavor to any dish. Make sure to add your own personal touch to make it extra special for your mom. Whether it's her favorite meal, sweet craving, her preferred drink, or a homemade card, she'll appreciate the thought and effort you put into making her Mother's Day memorable!

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